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Yangshan Deep-water Port
Yangshan Harbor
This is the container operating area of the deep-water port and is located among the Rugged Islands of the East China Sea in Hangzhou Bay with a natural deepwater harbor over 15 m deep. It is situated 32 km away from Luchaogang in Shanghai and 104 km away from the international shipping route. The planned 13-km-long port coast will have around 30 berths, with a throughput exceeding 15 million TEU.
East Sea Bridge
Spanning a distance of 32.5 km, the East Sea Bridge is one of the longest sea bridges in the world. The bridge, which is 31.5 m wide, is a major expressway with 8 lanes in 2 directions, including 2 emergency lines, 80 km/h speed limit, and is designed to operate over 100 years.
Luchaogang Auxiliary Zone
This zone is dedicated to providing the following functions such as inspection area, logistics area, international transit area, purchasing & distribution area, processing & manufacturing area, and commercial service area. It is utilized to provide value-added services for containers and to develop industries such as import & export trade, export-oriented processing, bonded logistics, purchasing & distribution, and shipping.
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