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Engineering Construction
Luchao Auxiliary Zone (Phase III, under Construction)

Luchao Auxiliary Zone (Phase III) covers a site area of about 297,000 m² , and is divided into two functional areas. The zone will consist of 9 steel structure warehouses, including a 2 storey warehouse, and are planned for storage, stacking and boxing/unboxing use. The total warehouse GFA amounts to 158,300 m² .

Dangerous Goods Operation Zone (Phase III, under Construction)

Dangerous Goods Operation Zone (Phase III) has a planned area around 94,300 m² , which includes 2 warehouses with an area of 3,840 m² , 3 sheds of 2,406 m² , a container yard of 6,076 m² and other supplementary buildings and facilities with an area of 335 m² .
Shanghai Tongsheng Bonded Logistics Center (in Planning)
The project, which is located in the first phase of Luochao Auxiliary Zone, has a planned area around 140,000 m² and total construction area of 400,000 m² . The warehouse is designed according to international standards with ramp access and one way traffic flow, increasing the efficiency of the warehouse and significantly expanding the usable storage space. Warehouses for normal storage, processing and special storage, as well as parking lots and offices are planned in the logistics center.
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