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Warehouse Information
Warehouse Information
Normal Bonded Warehouse/Yard

About 200,000 m² of bonded warehouses and 60,000 m² container yard are for Lease Now. They are located separately in the Luchao Auxiliary Zone Phases II and III.

Luchao Auxiliary Zone Phase II, covers a site area of 250,000 m² and is composed of four bonded warehouses and a container yard. Each warehouse is about 15,000 m² , which can be divided into 3 units (about 5,000 m² each). The clear height is 9 m, and floor loading is 3 T/m² . The warehouses are equipped with foreign imported fire safety systems.

Each warehouse has a 3 storey office with 3,000 m² office space and a floor height of 4.2 m.

The container yard, located in the middle of the warehouses, covers an area of 60,000 m² and can support 5 full containers or 8 empty containers stacked.

Luchao Auxiliary Zone Phase III covers a site area of about 300,000 m² . Currently, 6 bonded warehouses have been built with a total GFA of about 60,000 m² . Each warehouse is 10,000 m² and divided into 3 units (about 3,000 m² each). The clear height is 9 m, and floor loading is 3 T/m² . The warehouses are equipped with foreign imported fire safety systems. 400 m² office space is available in each warehouses.

Bonded Refrigerated Warehouse

4,700 m² bonded refrigerated warehouse for frozen and cold food storage is available. It can be used for value-added business, such as processing, packaging and labeling.

Gross Floor Area: 4,700 m² , including freezer room 1,120 m² , temperature controlled room 840 m² , cooler room 840 m² , dry storage room (can be used as cooler room) 840 m² .


Storage Area


Loading Temperature(℃) Unloading Temperature(℃) Refrigeration time(Hr)
Freezer 40x28x7.2= 8,064m³ 1890 -25 ~90 -10 -25 24
Temperature Controlled 40x21x7.2= 6,048m³ 1420/910 -25 ~ -10 ~90 -10 ~ 30 -25 ~ -10 24
Cooler 40x21x7.2= 6,048m³ 910 0 ~ 10 ~90 0~30 10 24
Dry Storage 40x21= 840m² - 0 ~ 10 - - - -
Enclosed Platform 91x8=928m² - 5 ~ 10 - - - -
Bonded Logistics Center (in Planning)
The project is located beside the Inspection Zone in the Yangshan Free Trade Port Area. Warehouses for normal storage, processing and special storage, as well as parking lots and offices are planned in the logistics center. The warehouse is designed according to international standards with ramp access and one way traffic flow, increasing the efficiency of the warehouse and significantly expanding the usable storage space. With five storeys and 400,000 m² building area, the logistics center will be the landmark warehouse in the bonded zone.
Reputable partners and investors are being sought after to cooperate in the development of this landmark project.
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